I first met Jeff in 2011. Around this time I realized I needed to make drastic changes in my life. The years of partying and eating whatever I wanted whenever I wanted had finally caught up with me and I had ballooned to around 255 pounds. I decided I would need a trainer to help me along because after a few months of trying it on my own I came to the stark realization that I had no idea what I was doing! I had been an athlete my entire life and thought I had a firm grasp on what would work and not work, but as it turns out there was much more to it than just lifting weights! Jeff showed me not only the basics of resistance training, but also the finer points of compound movements, cardio, understanding the ins and outs of the gym, and the most important thing of all, diet! The first few months I trained with Jeff I made steady progress and dropped a little weight at a time. Nothing too significant to where it was overwhelming, but little by little I would notice small changes until one day(during Curl Fitness’s first annual summer weight loss challenge) the weight just began dropping off of me like you would not believe. All said and done, I lost around 40 pounds, all the while gaining muscle mass and more importantly, the knowledge to maintain what I had! There were days I wanted to quit, but those were the days Jeff pushed me the hardest. All in all the 4 months I trained with Jeff were rewarding in so many different ways. I not only completely transformed my body, had a lot of fun, but collected a wealth of knowledge which I still use to this day!
Spencer Meyer
35 years old
Jeff Mendoza is a professional personal trainer. I have trained with Jeff for approximately 2 years. Jeff is a focused, knowledgeable and extremely effective personal trainer. Jeff understands both the science and physical nature of training the human body. He has taken a sincere interest is my wellbeing and not only trains me in the gym, but also takes a keen interest in me on diet, and a lifestyle that promotes health and physical wellbeing. What I really like about Jeff’s training is he really knows my body, strengths and weaknesses and challenges me, EVERY workout to be my best. And improve. He is also focused on workouts that challenge me to the fullest degree. We train full body for strength, conditioning and flexibility and he changes workouts to be most effective, never training with same exercises repetitively. He also maximizes our time together; making sure workouts are effective use of time. In addition Jeff walks the walk; he is passionate about health and best body and mind conditioning and wellbeing, practicing daily what he preaches. I strongly recommend Jeff Mendoza to anyone who is serious and committed about improving their body and mind, strength, conditioning and health, and is interested in professional training. It will be a VERY rewarding experience. The results are undeniable.
Barry McManus
Approximately 3 years ago I walked into Curl Gym to see if they had a cup of coffee. Instead I met the owner who seemed very interested in my wellbeing. After hearing about my various physical injures, aches and weaknesses, she suggested I try a month with a personal trainer twice a week to address these problems. She chose Jeff Mendoza who is a certified trainer and passionate about his job. The Gym appeared to have a good variety of equipment, class type programs and is clean and a very friendly place to be. Well, after my first month, I was so pleased with the progress and the new found strength I had lost, I continued on to become stronger which in turn lessoned by aches, pains and circulation issues. I hardly ever aver need Advil or Aleve, and I am able to continue to play tennis. Jeff’s personal program for me has been different each time working on everything from balance, agility, stretching, cardio, diet and weights. Thank you Jeff, I am loving it!!
Jane Farwell
77 years young
Jeff has been my trainer for four years now and has given me the tools, both inside and outside the gym, to build a healthier life. I first sought his help just to keep me coming on a regular basis and to keep me eating healthy. As a trainer, he explains each exercise and why he believes its important, but also listens to what I am trying to achieve or what I want to work on. He is easy going but puts me through my paces every time. He shares his knowledge of the exercises and healthy eating habits and I am always surprised at how fast the time flies.. When I am there,, but don’t have a session with him, I know what to do so I can get the most out of my work out and get on with my day. I have shed 30 lbs and am enjoying a much healthier lifestyle and have had a good time along the way. He has become a personal friend and I look forward to seeing him when I go. I have recommended other people and all of them have had positive things to say. He is knowledgeable, professional and friendly and would be a great way to improve your workout routine.
John Chaix
In August of 2015 I went to Curl Fitness frustrated and feeling a bit hopeless. I was weighing 240+ pounds and recently diagnosed with diabetes and high cholesterol, at 54 years old, this scared me!! Throughout most of my adult life I have always stayed in decent health but over the past 10 years I decided to finish my MBA and start a few businesses. Of course this took all of my time and energy and also created immense stress that took a tole on my health. After enrolling as a member for Curl Fitness I met Jeff Mendoza and started training with him. I was so out of shape, out of balance, literally no core strength!! He quickly started reprograming my mind to eat clean, exercise with intensity, and stay strong with my commitment to my health. Oh gosh, in the beginning, it hurt!!! I was so out of shape but the desire to NOT take the medications the doctor wanted me to take was stronger then the beginning pain of getting back into shape!! I am overly pleased to announce, in June of 2016 the doctor took me off the diabetes list (this brings a tear of joy to my eye) and reduced my cholesterol medication in half, with the hope of being completely off with in the coming months!! So far, I have reduced my body fat by 20 to 25 pounds and picked up 15 to 18 pounds of lean muscle, all in less then a year!! My eating habits have dramatically changed and my daily stress is far more manageable then it has been in years….. I am committed to working with Jeff for at least 2 years as I continue to reinforce the “fitness life style.” Thank you Jeff Mendoza for brining hope back to my life and a fit husband back to his wife!! You’re the best trainer, and I’ve had several, and one hell of a man!! Nemo vir est qui mundum non reddat meliorem “What man is a man who does not make the world better”
Keith Miller, MBA, CADCII, ICADC
Chief Operating Officer